October 20, 2006

random mewsings #2

Since I've started this blog, I feel obligated to add to it on occasion. In that spirit of resignation, I'll attempt to add some pithy feline thoughts. I was thinking to myself last night, as one does while awaiting the sweet oblivion of sleep, that:

  • Cats, in general, are so often viciously maligned in cartoons. Why?
  • Cats tend to puke up their hairballs in twos. Why?
  • The ancient civilization of Egypt worshipped cats. Were they wrong?
[oh-oh.....hack... hack.. arghhhhh...arghhhhhhhhhhh (1)] .......... (wait for it) ............... [hack, hack, arghhhh... ahhhhhh]....

Now where is that damn feeder with his puke sponge? All I expect from him is to perform some minor household chores and, of course, to feed me. Is that asking too much? Well, is it?

I'm exhausted, so you'll just have to be satisfied with today's paltry contribution. Remember, dear readers, that I'm about quality, not quantity.


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Purrfect Haven said...

this is enough for us... we like you. Love Darcy, Bingley xx